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Our speaking and keynote address services help individuals and organizations develop leadership skills and practices to increase innovation, efficiency and productivity through inclusion. Experienced trainers and consultants deliver informative presentations and workshops for high-potential leaders as well as diversity training for managers.

Our Services Include:

Increasing Innovation, Efficiency and Productivity Through Inclusion

In this session, we will discuss our approach to cultivating inclusivity within a company’s everyday processes – without focusing on quotas. We'll share process, metrics and rewards for integrating inclusivity into the business operations.

HR’s Key Contribution to Sustained Inclusivity: Competencies

What are inclusive competencies and how can they positively impact organizations? We'll outline the common gaps between existing competencies and inclusive competencies and why companies looking to increase retention, engagement and competitiveness will be rewarded for implementing them.

L&D’s Key Contribution to Creating an Inclusive Culture: Inclusive Training

We'll discuss why companies looking to increase retention, engagement and competitiveness should train for inclusive leadership behaviors. We'll highlight the benefits of integrating inclusive perspectives into organizational training as well as common gaps between existing training.

Hiring & Promoting for Inclusivity to Improve Employee Engagement

Companies looking to increase employee engagement should hire, promote and train for inclusive leadership behaviors. We'll cover the benefit of integrating inclusive perspectives into company talent and performance management.

When Diversity & Inclusion Becomes Synthesis: What Would Organizations Look Like?

Are we fundamentally changing our organizations through Diversity & Inclusion – or are we just creating more rules? We consider the synthesis of talent and technology that integrates thoughts and functions that take the business to an altogether more impactful place.

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