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The Boston Globe

Women Facing ‘Massive Increase In Hostility’ In Workplace, #MeToo-era Study Says

Jodi Detjen, Interviewee

In this article, Jodi Detjen notes that non-sexual harassment is harder to eradicate than full-on sexual misconduct because it’s more ingrained in the culture. Additionally, the events of the past two years have increasingly put men and women at odds. Read More

The Boston Globe

A Push To Get More Women Into The Top Ranks Of Management

Jodi Detjen, Interviewee

In this article, Jodi Detjen speaks about how companies need to pursue structural changes in order to get more women into the top ranks of management. There are many ways to take a more strategic approach, such as revamping performance reviews and tracking promotions by gender. Read More

The Kinlin Company

WE Interviews

Jodi Detjen, Interviewee

In this interview, Jodi Detjen gives an overview of the customized solution  and industry-neutral approach Orange Grove Consulting employs to achieve gender parity in leadership. The reasoning behind their solution? Orange Grove’s goal is to focus on getting more women into leadership – a problem in every industry. Read More

Media Planet: Future of Business and Tech

Women in Finance: The 3 Obstacles Blocking You From Success

Jodi Detjen, Author

Women abound in finance — in fact they make up almost 50 percent of all employees in finance and insurance. But go up a couple of levels and what do you see? Very few women. Statistics reveal only 9 percent to be in venture capital, 6 percent in private equity, 3 percent in Hedge funds and 20 percent overall in financial services.

What’s blocking the movement upward? There are three key barriers. Read More

Bright Horizons

Work Life Integration: Wins for Working Parents

Jodi Detjen, Presenter
Lisa Oppenheimer, Bright Horizons Host

In this episode of the Work-Life Equation, we’re dispelling myths about working mothers and fathers and finding out how both can get the most from careers and families. Our guest Jodi Detjen, author of The Orange Line: Integrating Career, Family, and Life and professor at Suffolk University, shows how breaking out of gender stereotypes—and truly sharing the load—gives everyone more time and less stress. Listen to Podcast

Brandon Hall Group

Risk-Taking to Supercharge Growth

Jodi Detjen, Presenter
Rachel Cooke, Chief Operating Officer, Brandon Hall Group, Host

In the latest edition of HCMx Radio, Jodi Detjen talks about the importance of gender balance in the workforce and her passion around helping companies achieve their greatest potential through improved engagement, creativity among diverse teams, and education to demystify the self-limiting biases associated with female and male roles in and out of the workplace. Listen to Podcast

HCI / Skillsoft

Webinar: Overcoming Unseen Obstacles: How to Get More Women Into Leadership Positions

Jodi Detjen, Presenter

In this webinar, Jodi Detjen Managing Partner of Orange Grove Consulting and Co-Author of Skillsoft’s Women in Action series, will reveal:

  1. The most common approaches to women’s leadership that are outdated and blocking change
  2. An updated approach to helping progress women through leadership and how to do it in 9 steps
  3. A scale on which you can measure how likely your company is implementing change that will last

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A Conversation About Women, The Workplace, and Success

The Broad Experience

Online Podcast
Jodi Detjen, Co-Presenter

Jodi Detjen, Managing Partner on The Broad Experience Podcast Episode 99: Hate to Delegate. “Men are raised to believe that it’s okay to receive support, and women are raised to believe that they are the ones who have to give support.” – Jodi Detjen Listen Now

Kelley School of Business, Indiana University 

Business Horizons

Strategic Shifts That Build Executive Leadership
Jodi Detjen, Author

Organizations are challenged to develop leaders who can think strategically about the business and solve systemic problems. How can mid-level leaders develop this capability? Herein, we describe five strategic shifts in perspective that are essential for mid-level managers in transitioning successfully to strategic leadership positions. All five shifts improve mid-level leaders’ ability to look beyond tactics to see wider opportunities and enable strategic impact. The shifts are iterative and build on each other. We offer a new model that guides managers in shaping strategic leaders using these five perspective shifts to impact the organization positively and substantially. Further, we provide specific techniques that mid-level managers can employ to shift their perspectives and build personal strategic capabilities. Finally, we share specific ‘Try It’ exercises that mid-level managers can engage in to learn about the preferred concepts. Read more…

American Banker

How Women In Banking Can Rise to the Top

Jodi Detjen

Women represent 54% of the labor pool in the finance and banking industries. But a precipitous drop occurs at the executive level. Just 11% of chief financial officers are women, while only 23% of all senior officer positions are held by women. The few women at the top with families typically have a stay-at-home spouse in support of their careers. The message is clear: women with families are not welcome. A number of factors have conspired to keep many women from reaching the top in banking and finance. Significant financial rewards go to those who prioritize face time and hours at work, making it difficult for women to achieve work-life balance. Meanwhile, systemic gender bias often forces women who want to stay in banking and finance to adapt to male-dominated, aggressive cultures. The result? Finance has the largest pay differential of any industry. Continue Reading…

Boston Business Journal 

Businesses Should Foster Women’s Leadership Roles

Jodi Detjen

Sandra looks like a rock star at her multinational company. She’s risen to middle management. She embodies the “ideal:” working long hours, managing multiple projects and a team of performers. She gets work done. Her manager says, “We couldn’t run the place without you.” But look underneath the sheen and it’s not so “perfect.” Sandra works all the time, feeling guilty if she has to leave early for something personal. She is a gatekeeper: She takes care of her direct reports, gives them work, but also doesn’t bring them…Continue Reading…