Operationalizing Inclusivity

Orange Grove Consulting helps companies increase inclusivity to improve cost savings by maximizing talent investment and reducing attrition.

In our experience, most CEOs struggle to understand, not the value of an inclusive culture, but in understanding how it manifests itself within different business areas of their organization. It’s difficult to see where their vision of equity is realized and where they have opportunities to further align on-the-ground experiences with that vision.

Inclusivity Survey & Scorecard

In response, we have developed our Inclusivity Survey & Scorecard.

We survey employees to better understand their day-to-day experience around issues of gender and diversity.  Then, we highlight findings of the survey and organize outcomes and recommendations within 12 key performance areas of an inclusivity performance scorecard. Through this process we bring transparency of wins and opportunities for improved inclusivity, productivity and retention that are specific and actionable.

Because change recommendations are practical and specific in scope as well as assigned within distinct areas under specific leadership, operationalization and adoption of inclusivity is streamlined and accelerated.

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