Gender Equity Strategy


Orange Grove Consulting helps companies retain and advance women to achieve gender equity, and to improve cost savings by maximizing talent investment and reducing attrition.

In our experience, most companies struggle to have a clear understanding of the costs and benefits of increasing the number of women in leadership within their organization. As a result, it’s easy to make investments that appear to be moving the needle but are having only short-term or minimal impact.


We treat root problems to make systemic change through the use of a number of mechanisms, including:

  • Facilitation: Helping managers and people involved in process change
  • Data Analysis: Audit, assessment, KPI development, milestone review, annual reports
  • Knowledge Management / Documentation: Cataloging insights and activities for future review, project plan design and procedural documents
  • Research: Studying drivers to support decision making and market analysis


Gender Equity Assessment

In response, we have developed our Gender Equity Assessment as an entry point for being able to quantify the costs and benefits to a company based on the identification of specific pain points. This allows us to develop metrics for quantifying the specific costs and benefits of gender equity so that we can tailor our solutions to help a company address problems with a quantifiable ROI.


At Orange Grove Consulting, we believe there is a quantifiable business case to be made to make changes that enable more women to get into leadership which has bottom line benefit. For more information please email