Gender Equity Assessment

While many organizations struggle to achieve gender equity, leaders often don’t know exactly why the inequity exists or where in the pipeline women’s careers falter. For this reason, it is difficult to know how to address the problem efficiently. Organizations may try a host of women’s initiatives without truly understanding the underlying problem. In our audit process, we uncover unconscious bias and barriers in the organization’s systems, processes, and people.  We conduct in-depth interviews, surveys, and data analysis to pinpoint impactful opportunities and we provide a gender scorecard as a baseline gender equity measurement for the organization.




We identify opportunities to improve the organization’s competitive advantage by attracting, retaining and engaging talented women.


We evaluate key performance indicators within eleven gender equity performance areas at entry-level, mid-career, and senior leadership levels of the organization. The results of the audit determine which particular activities and processes to target for a measurable return on investment.

The scorecard approach works best because, in most cases, there are multiple problems happening at different levels in the organization at the same time. Often they are inter-connected. By taking this surgical approach, we can tailor solutions to address the root problems, rather than divert scarce resources on solving problems that do not exist. We provide the foundation on which metrics can be built, processes can be aligned, and training can occur.  Organizations should not embark upon a women’s initiative without conducting this pre-requisite analysis first.


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