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COO Alliance

November 7-8, 2019, Phoenix, AZ
Jodi Detjen, Speaker

Jodi Detjen will speak at this year’s COO Alliance event, “Building a World-Class Culture.”  Learn More


Understanding Unconscious Gender Bias in the Pipeline: A 21st Century Leadership Skill

February 7, 2019, Boston, MA
Jodi Detjen, Facilitator

This interactive workshop at the CREW Boston Women’s Leadership Academy tackles the issue of workplace gender bias from the perspective of women, men and the organization. Jodi Detjen will speak about the culture and processes that act as barriers for women. Learn More

Women-Only Leadership Training: Why it Matters

February 21, 2019, Webinar
Jodi Detjen, Presenter

More and more organizations are striving to be inclusive — then why are women still underrepresented in leadership positions? In our upcoming webinar, we’ll walk participants through the reasons why women-only leadership training fosters more productive, innovative and diverse organizations. Participants will learn:

Why women thrive in female-only leadership settings
Why women-only leadership training accelerates inclusivity
How our training equips women to overcome barriers to leadership

Register Here

The Professional Woman Speaker Series by Wells Fargo Advisors 

March 27, 2019, Los Angeles, CA
Kelly Watson, Speaker

As part of the spring series, “Owning Your Path,” dedicated to women in the middle of their careers, Kelly Watson will speak about how to recognize and deal with gender bias in the workplace. Learn More

Brandon Hall Group’s Women in Leadership Summit

May 1 & 2, 2019, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Jodi Detjen, Panelist

This year’s summit by the Brandon Hall Group gives female corporate leaders a community to build skills and share ideas. Jodi Detjen will share results from the Male Allyship survey, highlighting the support needed in order for women to address workplace obstacles. Learn More

ATD 2019 International Conference & Exposition

May 19-22, 2019, Washington, D.C.

We’ll be attending ATD, the world’s largest talent development conference. We’d love to say “hello!” Learn More

The Premier Conference for Compliance & Risk Leaders

May 20-22, 2019, Washington, D.C.
Jodi Detjen, Moderator

Jodi Detjen will be moderating an interactive panel on Communicating with Conviction. The panel will share stories and engage the audience in an exercise around effective communication. Learn More

The 2019 CREW Network HR Forum

June 11-12, 2019, Chicago, IL
Jodi Detjen, Speaker

The CREW Network HR Forum brings together global leaders of human resources in commercial real estate. This year, the forum will focus on diversity as a corporate priority. Contact us to learn more »


EngenuitySC – Competitiveness Week

February 2, 2018, Columbia, SC
Jodi Detjen, Presenter

AVIXA Women’s Council SoCal meeting hosted by Epson America: Un-packing Unconscious Bias to Advance Your Career

February 15, 2018, Long Beach, CA
Kelly Watson, Presenter

Women in Technology Hollywood: Un-packing Unconscious Bias to Advance Your Career

February 27, 2018, Hollywood, CA
Kelly Watson, Presenter

Women & Leadership: Strategic Shifts Essential for Leadership, presented by Smith College Office of Alumnae Relations

March 27, 2018, Boston, MA
Jodi Detjen, Presenter

Using Blended Learning to Maximize Your Investment in Women Leadership Programs
April 24th at 11am Pacific, Webinar
Celina Guerrero
How Work-First Careers Reinforce Gender Norms and Contribute to Work Ineffectiveness, and How Integrated Leaders are Changing This

June 22, 2018, Washington, DC
Jodi Detjen, Facilitator

National Association of Women in Construction, Boston Chapter — Women in Leadership: Challenges, Opportunities and Strategies

Sep 19, 2018, Boston, MA
Jodi Detjen, Managing Partner

The Case for Conducting a Gender Audit at Your Organization
Sep 20, 2018, Webinar
Jodi Detjen, Managing Partner and Host
The Unconscious Gender Bias Men and Women Carry Into the Workplace
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Oct. 9, 2018, Boston, MA
Jodi Detjen, Managing Partner

WEBINAR:  Women in Leadership Training: Establishing Metrics of Success

Nov 8, 2018, Webinar
Camilla Heinzmann, Senior Facilitator


Harvard Medical School: Conversations on Work Life Integration for Women

January 26, Boston, MA
Jodi Detjen, Presenter

Harvard Women in Computer Science, WeCode: Conversations on Work Life Integration for Women

February 4, 2017, Cambridge, MA
Jodi Detjen, Presenter

Los Angeles Clean Tech Incubator: Women in Cleantech: Unpacking Unconscious Bias

February 28, Los Angeles, CA
Kelly Watson, Presenter

Disrupting the Career Paradigm: An Evening with Trailblazing Women
disrupting logo

March 2, Boston, MA
Jodi Detjen, Presenter

National Association of Women MBAs: Annova Women Business and Innovation Conference
take control logo

March 8, Boston, MA
Jodi Detjen, Presenter

Bryant University, Women’s Summit: Building Your Value

March 17, Smithfield, RI
Lana Caron, Presenter

Society for Women Environmental Professionals, Massachusetts Chapter: Beyond Fake It ‘Til You Make It.

May 4, Boston Area
Jodi Detjen, Presenter

Women About Town: The Art of Networking Workshop

June 7, Los Angeles, CA {Private event}
Kelly Watson, Presenter

Brandon Hall Group: Women in Leadership Summit

June 15-16, Delray Beach, FL
Jodi Detjen, Presenter

CREW Boston Leadership Academy: Developing Boston’s Next Real Estate Leaders
September 2017 – May 2018, Boston, MA
Jodi Detjen, Presenter
The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing: Un-packing Unconscious Bias

grace hopper

October 6, Orlando
Kelly Watson, Presenter

Women & Leadership: Strategic Shifts Essential for Leadership, presented by Smith College Office of Alumnae Relations

October 17, New York City
Jodi Detjen, Presenter

The Economics of Being Female unConference

October 28, Boston, MA
Jodi Detjen, Presenter

Events from 2016

CIO Executive Council – Women in Leadership: Declare Your Value!

CIO Declare Your Value Event

September 15, Boston, MA
Jodi Detjen and Kelly Watson, Presenters

Los Angeles Innovation Week: How to Recruit, Retain and Promote Women in Tech


October 18, Los Angeles, CA
Kelly Watson, Presenter

Society of Women Engineers Conference


October 27-29, Philadelphia, PA

Jodi Detjen, Presenter

Linkage Women in Leadership Conference


November 8-11, Dallas, TX
Kelly Watson, Presenter

Society of Women Engineers — Moving from Perfection to Action: Learn to be “Good Enough”


December 15, Webinar
Jodi Detjen, Presenter