Our coaching and peer-coaching programs deliver support for high-potential women who are struggling to manage career and home life integration as they advance into positions of leadership. Our executive coaching programs are designed exclusively for women who in many cases, carry the burden of care taking responsibilities in their families. The program provides individualized support to help them excel professionally as they work through the biases of others and themselves.


High Potential Women Coaching Program


This program is for high-performing women who may be “at risk” of leaving because they are:

  • About to start or grow their family
  • Struggling to manage both work and life
  • Transitioning into senior leadership
  • Looking to move into higher roles


High Potential Women Peer-Coaching Circle


This program is a women’s leadership program supplemental that includes a networking component for:

  • High potential women targeted for the next level
  • Managers who want to significantly improve their managerial skills