Not Enough Women in Your Pipeline? Think Again.

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  An original version of this blog was published on the Skillsoft Learning Blog.   In 2016, Facebook reported that the numbers of women and minorities employed in its U.S. work force remained largely unchanged from the previous year.  The company cited the “pipeline” as the problem:  there were not enough women and minorities entering […]

“You Look Nice Today” The New Language of Gender Bias

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  On any given day, our news feeds are littered with stories of high-profile firings or resignations related to sexual misconduct, harassment, and gendered language in the workplace. Instances of sexual misconduct and harassment are egregious. Upon this, we all agree. Corporate leaders should not use power and influence to prey upon subordinates. It is […]

Myth: Women Are Not Effective At …. [Fill In The Blank]

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Women are not effective negotiators. They don’t think strategically. Women need to network. Heard it before? The subtext is that women aren’t quite ready yet for leadership. They need to get some training or mentorship to help them. And the message women hear is clear: I’m not good enough. The result? Women don’t put themselves […]