Women in Leadership Training – 5 Steps to Figure Out What Works for Your Company

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There are so many reasons why women-only leadership programs exist, all of which focus on career development and progression. Among these benefits are that these programs: Give women a supportive environment to take risks within a group of people that often have similar perspective and experiences within that workplace. Provide a platform for women to […]

Managers: Here are 3 Things You Can Do to Promote More Women

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  Feeling the pressure to increase the number of women promoted across your organization? There are three key ingredients to understanding why women aren’t making it to the next level at the pace or numbers possible. We’ll share a few of those barriers, as well as an approach to overcome them.   1. Most women […]

Why Some Working Mothers Quit — and What We Can Do to Help

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  Last week, one of our clients told us about a recent hire. The candidate in question was top-notch: Ivy-educated, willing to work long hours, thoughtful and outspoken around the conference table. And then she quit. In her exit interview, the woman confessed that “it was harder than I thought to arrange family plans this […]