Q&A on Strategic Gender Equality with Jodi Detjen  

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Orange Grove Consulting Managing Partner Jodi Detjen was recently quoted in a Boston Globe article about getting women into the top ranks of leadership.  In the article, Jodi says that, “commitments to increase leadership consist of, say, sending employees to the Massachusetts Conference for Women. Instead, firms should be taking a more strategic approach, such as revamping performance reviews and tracking promotions by gender.”    In the […]

Dispelling the Top 5 Myths About Women in the Workplace

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By Kelly Watson and Jodi Detjen Myths are stories we believe are true but are in fact not. In our research, and work with companies and women, we’ve consistently found that women are being held back because of myths. These assumptions keep women from advancing in their careers and in the leadership pipeline. We want […]

Gender Bias – You Must See It to Believe It. How Will You?

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  25 years ago, NASA launched the Hubble Space Telescope. Before that, scientists had ideas about what was going on in space but with little proof. It was a morass of galaxies, stars, and darkness. But the telescope has changed theories, confirmed theories and opened up minds. In essence, we learned because we now had […]

Men’s Fears of #metoo Showcase Conflicting Gender Perspectives

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“I want my female colleague to stop touching me.” At a recent session with men, I was asked why women seem to be able to freely connect physically with male colleagues, whereas men fear losing their job or harassment lawsuits when they communicate physically. This frustration reflects a fear men have that #metoo will go […]

How to Get More Women Into Leadership? Give Men Time Off

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By Jodi Detjen, Managing Partner Adapted from Blog written for Bright Horizons There’s plenty in the news about getting more women into leadership. But, increasingly, companies are dialing into the reality that gender equity is not going to change until men are involved as well. A key ingredient? Paternity leave. Yes, it seems like a […]

Sexual Harassment is a Sign You Have a Gender Power Gap in Your Organization

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By Kelly Watson, Managing Partner By now, you can’t have missed the growing swell of #me too revelations that many, if not most women have experienced. Women are collectively sharing some degree of harassment in the workplace because of their gender.  Whether it be “micro-aggressions” – jokes, hints, or jabs intended to make women uncomfortable […]

Why So Much Focus on Women?: 5 Steps to Addressing Men’s Concerns about Gender Equity

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  While working with our clients on Women’s Leadership Development, we have encountered pushback from some men. They seem bewildered that women are getting so much attention and some even feel threatened by the focus. They defend their workplaces as a meritocracy, a truly American belief-system that rewards ability and effort with success. “If women […]