Women Can Have it All: 10 21st C. Skills for Success

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By Jodi Detjen, written in conjunction with the Third Path Institute. Why do women find work-life balance so hard?  Why is “having it all” such an elusive quest?  Why haven’t women yet reached equality in the leadership ranks? Many professional women on the pursuit of career success identify themselves through their work, abandoning their own needs and exhausting […]

Dispelling the Top 5 Myths About Women in the Workplace

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By Kelly Watson and Jodi Detjen Myths are stories we believe are true but are in fact not. In our research, and work with companies and women, we’ve consistently found that women are being held back because of myths. These assumptions keep women from advancing in their careers and in the leadership pipeline. We want […]

Why Some Working Mothers Quit — and What We Can Do to Help

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  Last week, one of our clients told us about a recent hire. The candidate in question was top-notch: Ivy-educated, willing to work long hours, thoughtful and outspoken around the conference table. And then she quit. In her exit interview, the woman confessed that “it was harder than I thought to arrange family plans this […]

Managerial Training: Collaboration and Diversity Require Different Managerial Skills

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This blog was originally published on TrainingIndustry.com.   Collaboration is a business imperative, whether that means creating more opportunities for people to work together in the workplace or using technology that enables virtual teamwork. Teams are also becoming more diverse, yet most managers are not trained on how to collaborate in or lead diverse teams. […]

Why So Much Focus on Women?: 5 Steps to Addressing Men’s Concerns about Gender Equity

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  While working with our clients on Women’s Leadership Development, we have encountered pushback from some men. They seem bewildered that women are getting so much attention and some even feel threatened by the focus. They defend their workplaces as a meritocracy, a truly American belief-system that rewards ability and effort with success. “If women […]

Is “Bro Culture” Thwarting Your Efforts to Recruit Women?

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“Booth babes” have long been a staple of the trade show industry.  Scantily clad women undulate and preen at passersby. Every few years, a scandal arises in Vegas and folks write and kvetch about what exactly these girls are selling.  But the practice itself largely continues. From Fortune 500 companies to startups, businesses employ women to hawk […]

Not Enough Women in Your Pipeline? Think Again.

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  An original version of this blog was published on the Skillsoft Learning Blog.   In 2016, Facebook reported that the numbers of women and minorities employed in its U.S. work force remained largely unchanged from the previous year.  The company cited the “pipeline” as the problem:  there were not enough women and minorities entering […]

“You Look Nice Today” The New Language of Gender Bias

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  On any given day, our news feeds are littered with stories of high-profile firings or resignations related to sexual misconduct, harassment, and gendered language in the workplace. Instances of sexual misconduct and harassment are egregious. Upon this, we all agree. Corporate leaders should not use power and influence to prey upon subordinates. It is […]