Women in Leadership

Our suite of Women’s Leadership Workshops uniquely addresses the underlying assumptions of what it means to be a high potential woman. We help develop more confident leaders and key influencers. Women emerge from these courses with a clearer vision of career success and a new set of advanced leadership skills to help them accomplish their goals.


Women in Leadership Programs

4-Session Women’s Leadership Program


In this interactive program, participants examine the underlying assumptions that often limit their decision-making and their career. They reframe these assumptions top open up new possibilities. We commonly use four key topics that make up the program, as outlined below:

  1. Unpacking Your Own Unconscious Bias & its Impact on your Career
  2. Quantifying Your Value & Self-Promotion
  3. Making a Strategic Shift
  4. Work-Life Redesign


7-Session Senior Women’s Leadership Program


In this interactive in-depth program, participants confront the underlying assumptions that impact their career, build foundational leadership skills and build a network for long-term success Participants leave the program open to new possibilities. These are the seven key topics that typically make up this program:

  1. Module 1: Leadership Vision and Assessment (360 assessment)
  2. Module 2: Understanding Bias: Challenges & Opportunities for Women in Leadership
  3. Module 3: Promoting Your Value
  4. Module 4: Understanding Corporate Finance
  5. Module 5: Developing the Business
  6. Module 6: Managing the Team
  7. Module 7: Becoming a Strategic Leader


Skillsoft Online Women-in-Action Leadership Program with Live Peer-Learning Cohorts


The purpose of this blended learning program is to transform the purely online Skillsoft Women in Action program into a hybrid training program where facilitated peer learning deepens the integration of the skills into everyday situations. The live Peer-Coaching program includes six to twelve 90-minute sessions, with an integrated networking component for a cohort of 15-25 participants who are:

  • High potential women targeted for the next level
  • Women managers who want to significantly improve their managerial skills

Facilitated program topics are tailored from a subset of the Skillsoft WIA program.


Individual Workshops

Unpacking Unconscious Bias


Unconscious bias is often the silent killer of women’s leadership success and continues to be one of the dominant drivers holding women back in their careers. While unconscious bias towards others is a familiar aspect of this problem, the unconscious biases women have about themselves are an invisible threat. Research has found the biases women commonly adhere to in career-making decisions typically fall into one of three basic assumptions: do it all, look good and be nice. These assumptions impact women’s career trajectory and employer’s ability to retain and promote women in the workforce. This course focuses on helping women recognize and overcome these limiting assumptions and is the cornerstone of Orange Grove’s framework.

Participants will achieve the following learning objectives:

  • Learn how flawed assumptions limit their options
  • Practice re-framing for better decision making
  • See the positive long-term impact better decision-making can make on their careers


Build Your Value


In this workshop, participants move beyond the superficial “fake it ‘til you make it” advice and dig more deeply into understanding themselves and the foundation for building value. Participants learn how to frame their accomplishments in ways that showcase the value they bring to the business and build their skills in thinking more strategically.

Participants will achieve the following learning objectives:

  • Quantify their business value to their employer and themselves
  • Clearly articulate their accomplishments to position themselves for career satisfaction and promotion
  • Understand the relationship between strategic thinking and value
  • Shift their perspective on what being a senior leader entails


Strategic Shifts Essential for Leadership


Organizations are challenged to develop leaders who can think strategically and solve systemic problems. Yet, women are often thought to be deficient in this area, tending more often to be the “doers” rather than the strategy gurus. How can mid-level women leaders develop this capability? This workshop offers a new model that helps to shape strategic leaders using five perspective shifts that move career women into a more strategic mindset, understand their value, and increase their impact.

Participants will achieve the following learning objectives:

  • Identify the 5 perspective shifts required to think strategically
  • Apply the 5 shifts to their current role
  • Plan how they can implement the shifts to increase their visibility, impact and influence


Work-Life Integration


Work-life integration remains illusive to many women. Employers are often unsure how to support work-life balance and women sometimes keep themselves small or leave altogether when work and life seem at odds. Our paradigm-shifting research provides for a third way that integrates work and life, helping women remain engaged in their careers while maximizing a robust life.

Participants will achieve the following learning objectives:

  • Reframe their mindset about work-life balance to work-life integration
  • Adapt their approach to work to enable flexibility while maintaining quality and outcomes
  • Integrate this approach into daily work-life allocation decisions




Women dislike tooting the horn about their talents and accomplishments. For many, it doesn’t feel a very ladylike thing to do. However, to be promoted and retained, employers need to know what value they bring and what they have accomplished.

Participants will achieve the following learning objectives:

  • Learn why women are less likely to self-promote
  • Identify ways in which women can promote their value-add
  • Map out an approach to sharing their impact


Risk Taking to Supercharge Growth


Women struggle with risk-taking, often preferring to keep themselves small rather than fail.  They under-capitalize, under-resource, and avoid high-visibility projects or roles.  When they fail, women often ruminate or over-attribute root causes, rather than learning from the failure and moving forward. There are often greater social penalties for women who fail, which reinforces the problem. This “stay safe” approach can limit an organization’s growth and potential.

Participants will achieve the following learning objectives:

  • Understand the reasons many women are risk-averse and how that manifests itself in the workplace
  • Embrace the benefits of taking risks in the workplace
  • Develop strategies for getting out of comfort zone to take more risks
  • Evaluate opportunities more effectively
  • Learn how to manage failure