Who We Help

We partner with Human Resource Leaders, Diversity Leads, CEOs, COOs and department heads who often tell us they’re faced with the following challenges:
  • Investments made in leadership diversity (e.g. flexible work, unconscious bias training) but not getting an increase in the % of women in leadership
  • Poor Retention. Women are leaving, especially in middle-management.
  • Succession planning is key to their business and they want to give women skills to advance.
  • Women in middle-management are stalling and not advancing into positions of leadership.
  • Poor gender parity in leadership. Eg. Less than 30% women in positions of leadership.
  • Need professional development training Millennial women will find engaging.


We often partner with companies in the following industries that struggle with gender diversity:
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Science
  • Finance
  • Healthcare


How We Help
For Organizations

Orange Grove helps organizations identify systemic structural barriers to women’s advancement so these hurdles can be examined and eliminated. Based on extensive research and proven methodologies, Orange Grove’s suite of tools and workshops set a new standard changing the way organizations work.

For Individuals

Orange Grove offers individuals a rigorous and challenging personal journey of self-discovery where career-limiting assumptions are identified, examined, and re-framed. The program integrates career, family, and life for a more holistic approach to human capital development. Women emerge more confident, more determined, and with a clearer vision of their life’s purpose, or métier. Organizations gain more engaged women leaders prepared to tackle tomorrow’s complex challenges unencumbered.