Upcoming Events

Brandon Hall Group Women in Leadership Summit

June 15-16, 2017, Delray Beach, FL
Jodi Detjen, Moderator

This event includes a hands on workshop. Propel your career by learning to build and share your value.   Register Now

National Association of Women MBAs: Annova Women Business and Innovation Conference

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March 8, 2017, Boston, MA
Jodi Detjen, Moderator

This event includes a panel discussion and Q&A. Come and Excel your career by networking with women leaders from Finance, Real Estate, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and more. Register Now


Bryant University, Women’s Summit: Building Your Value

Friday, March 17, 2017, Smithfield, RI
Lana Caron, Speaker

Are you striving to transition into a stronger leadership position? Shifts in perspectives and thinking more strategically can help you move beyond the superficial “fake it ‘til you make it” advice and dig more deeply into understanding yourself and the foundation you need to build value. Learn how to frame your accomplishments in ways that showcase your worth and impact on your organization. Plan specific steps to think more strategically. Register Now


Society for Women Environmental Professionals – Massachusetts Chapter


May 4, 2017, Boston Area
Jodi Detjen, Speaker

Beyond Fake It ‘Til You Make It. Learn More


CIO Executive Council: Women in Leadership


September 21, 2017, Boston, MA
Jodi Detjen and Kelly Watson

More Info to Come…


Past Events – 2017


Harvard Medical School: Conversations on Work Life Integration for Women


January 26, 2017, Boston, MA
Jodi Detjen, Speaker

Shift your mindset about your career. Define your own life. Professor Jodi Detjen will speak about the skills required for living an integrated life of work, family and personal identity based on her research in the book “The Orange Line.” She dispels old myths that trap women into outdated but pervasive ideals and rigid behavioral rules for the ideal woman. Instead she calls on women to change their belief system, to reframe their assumptions, shed their guilt and live and work smarter. Ms. Detjen is a professor of management at Suffolk University, MBA program director, and managing partner of Orange Grove Consulting, a consultancy focused on helping organizations achieve gender parity. (Closed Event)


Harvard Women in Computer Science: WeCode — Conversations on Work Life Integration for Women


February 4, 2017, Cambridge, MA
Jodi Detjen, Speaker

We are delighted to announce the third iteration of Women Engineers Code: the largest student-run Women in Computer Science conference, held at Harvard University each February.

Join us in our effort to cultivate the next generation of technical leaders, foster a network and community among collegiate engineers, and promote more female representation in the technical industry.  Jodi Detjen of Orange Grove Consulting will be leading a fireside chat. (Closed Event)


The Broad Experience: A Conversation About Women, The Workplace, and Success

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February 5, 2017, Online Podcast
Jodi Detjen, Co-Presenter

Jodi Detjen, Managing Partner on The Broad Experience Podcast Episode 99: Hate to Delegate. “Men are raised to believe that it’s okay to receive support, and women are raised to believe that they are the ones who have to give support.” – Jodi Detjen Listen Now


Los Angeles Clean Tech Incubator – Women in Cleantech


February 28, 2017, Los Angeles, CA
Kelly Watson, Speaker

“Unpacking Unconscious Bias”

Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator – Women in Cleantech kicks off their 2017 series with the “Unpacking Unconscious Bias” Workshop, featuring Kelly Watson.

Disrupting the Career Paradigm: An Evening with Trailblazing Women

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March 2, 2017, Boston, MA
Jodi Detjen, Moderator

We’ve been taught the best way to have the career of your dreams is to rise up the ladder. But in our 24/7 work world, how do you do that and still have a life? Can pausing or downshifting actually power your career forward? Register Now


Selected Events – 2016


CIO Executive Council – Women in Leadership: Declare Your Value!

CIO Declare Your Value Event

September 15, Boston, MA
Jodi Detjen and Kelly Watson


Los Angeles Innovation Week: How to Recruit, Retain and Promote Women in Tech


October 18, Los Angeles, CA
Kelly Watson


Society of Women Engineers Conference


October 27-29, Philadelphia, PA

Jodi Detjen 


Linkage Women in Leadership Conference


November 8-11, Dallas, TX
Kelly Watson


Society of Women Engineers — Moving from Perfection to Action: Learn to be “Good Enough”


December 15, 2016, Webinar
Jodi Detjen