To say that [we] were impressed would be a great understatement.  Your ability to both impart your messages, as well as get the participants to fully engage, was wonderful.

Seth, Boston University


We worked with Jodi and Kelly in developing a new product targeting women at various leader levels. At the outset, our time and resources were limited, but Jodi and Kelly exceeded our expectations by meeting tight deadlines and delivering high quality content.

Shannon Luttge, Content Producer & Product Manager, Skillsoft


I found the underlying assumption part of Kelly’s talk to be enlightening! The best part was reframing that I am a work in progress.

Toyota Developmental Workshop Attendee


Of all the women’s leadership events, books and webinars I have attended this year, I felt the information covered in Jodi’s seminar hit closest to home and gave me some ideas, tools and motivation I could execute immediately.

Booz & Co. Women’s Leadership Seminar Attendee


Fabulous workshop, I both laughed and learned. I would highly recommend the Orange Line Book and author events to any man or woman in corporate America!

Oracle Women’s Leadership Networking Event Attendee


In the assumptions exercise I noted my thoughts about wanting to pursue a graduate degree. I have been wanting to return to school for my Master’s but have been pushing the dream aside because of financial difficulties and time commitment in my work and life balance. Today’s talk helped me realize that all of those reasons are excuses I have made for myself.

Olga Katsovskiy, Executive Staff Assistant, Harvard Longwood Campus